Kelly's Masculine Hollywood Townhouse Tour

Any dude who can display peacocks, cupcake art, jewelry and shoes -- and still pull off the masculine interiors vibe is my hero. Here's to Kelly -- my co-worker who offered me a whiskey when I arrived to photograph his place this morning. Everywhere you turn, there is something interesting to see -- yet the space is open and without an ounce of clutter. His home is a true example of "God is in the Details". It's clear as soon as you enter that the place is filled with stories. Some of the walls are painted dark, but it feels far from gloomy. There are horseshoes as a nod to his native Texas, as well as his family's cactus paintings from the 1930s.

Kelly believes in daytime candle burning, fresh flowers, and splurging on sneakers. He also has a knack for finding treasures on Craig's List, and knows how to sew men's wallets/card holders. This morning I learned that you don't need to refrigerate your eggs, and that you can frame something you find in a magazine to make it look like a commissioned piece of art. I hope you'll click on the picture to see the full-sized image, as the square thumbnails don't do it justice. Enjoy!

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