Mini House Tours

These are the results of me lurking around in peoples' houses taking pictures. I do that. I'm pretty sure it makes them nervous, but I tell myself that maybe they are just feeling really super flattered. While they worry that there might be a bit of dust, I worry that the light is shitty, and that the picture won't be any good. One thing is for sure, my biggest challenge in the land of blogging is getting over my shyness at whipping out my camera. So all who feel nervous should realize that I'm also wildly uncomfortable. Does that make it better? Not really. But dang, their cool stuff needs to be showcased already. So please enjoy the fruit of everyone's discomfort below.

Emily's house

This one travels. All the time. And you guys, it's INTERNATIONAL travel. She has been everywhere, and has the best tidbits around her place to prove it.

Melissa & Adam's House

Not only is this my idea of California Craftsman perfection, but the people who live here are cool as hell, AND there's a puppy! If I lived here, my only dilemma in life would be deciding if I wanted to have my coffee on that dreamy front porch or the amazing back patio.

Stacey & Josh's house

Milkglass and seaglass and shells, hot damn! Stacey has been collecting beach treasures from all over the place for a long time. She also has a thing for oil paintings and milkglass. The result is this fun beachy East Coast vibe in Southern Cali.

Abby & Matt's house

Talk about lurking... I was at a bridal shower in this Hancock Park home, and I had to stop myself from just walking upstairs to see the rest of the place. The kid-sized woven chairs in the front window make me think of the first page of Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat where the kids are sitting at the window.

Stacy & Hunter's house

I've been obsessed with the art at their place for a long time. And when I take a break from that obsession, I move on to drooling over the Jonathan Adler and Marimekko stuff. These two nuts have books everywhere, and one of the best wedding photos I've ever seen.

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