Simone Bienne's Cheeky Studio City House -- With Nods to England, India, and Art that Might Make

My favorite thing about Simone's house is that her boldness and sense of humor are everywhere.

There just aren't many people who can simultaneously pull off metallic walls and neon in the home. But she can. The girl is a mixologist. She throws in naturals like wood and crystal, and tops it all off with a little cactus here and there. You all know I'm a sucker for "mismatched on purpose", and when there's a pairing of union jacks and buddhas, I'm all in.

I'm gushing about the interiors, but what I should gush about it the woman behind the magic. She's a sex and relationship therapist and transformative coach. She not only blends styles in her home, she also blends east and west in her practice -- using both Eastern philosophy and neuroscience to help people "reorganize their lives by reorganizing their brain". She does all this with her beautiful English accent, which makes it twice as nice, I swear. (Some of you may have even heard her accent, as she was a host on Loveline with Dr. Drew.)

So what's the lesson here? Mixing is good. Mixing creates balance. Balance is the goal. Goals are important.

PS - Pickles and Bosley are adorable. So is Simone.

PPS - Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @simonebienne

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