Traci Stumpf's Living Room Makeover with Apt2B

You guys. Sometimes I get to work with important people. Traci Stumpf is important. She's a host, comedian and actress. Her confidence and honesty are refreshing, and I so appreciate how she can cross a line without making you cringe or groan. Although she is quick-witted, smart and hilarious, she did not get blessed with a decorating gene. That's where me and Apt2B came to the rescue. They supplied the rugs, pillows, throws, art and lamps, and I put it all together with her existing furniture.

So take note! You can do a whole makeover with stuff you mostly already have. Rugs are game changers. So is wallpaper. So is lighting. Traci was able to be open to things outside of her comfort zone while staying true to her own style. That's some dream client stuff right there... She obliged when I politely told her to put her wedding bouquet away in a box somewhere, because decorating with dead plants is bad feng shui. I also asked her to get rid of the flamingo glassware on the bar cart (because she's not 13), and instead we added color with a set of red coasters and some limes. This brings me to the topic of color. She needed some. Traci had made the mistake that so many of us make... we like something, and then we get stuck on it, and it becomes a monotonous uniform situation in the house. She liked grey and metallics, but there can be too much of a good thing. Beware of themes! The floors were grey, the rug was grey, the sofas were grey. It was not surprising when she went for the grey wallpaper. So my mission was to make sure some warm tones got thrown into the mix. We did this with wood, terra cotta, plants, and use of pattern, texture and color.

She likes candles, so I gave her the assignment to start a cool match collection. You don't have to be a geek to get into collecting something. A collection will personalize your home. It's nice to look around and feel the story behind the stuff. Collections are cool.

What's not cool is overhead lighting. Apt 2B sent some great lamps, which we added to Traci's arc floor lamp. It's obvious to add a lamp to a side table, but also consider putting lamps in unconventional places like bookshelves and bar carts.

Traci asked if her coffee table was "too 90s"... the answer is yes, but we simply warmed up the angular glass and chrome with a round wood tray, and took advantage of the see-through aspect by stacking books on the floor under the table.

We personalized her space by adding in photo booth photo strips and a local map print.

Traci doesn't like clutter, and loves throwing things away. I gave her the task of removing and getting rid of all the dust jackets from the hardcover books. It's surprising how something so simple will instantly elevate the space.

As most of you know, I believe mixing/blending is the key to beautiful design. So it's not surprising that I was super impressed with the mix/blend that is Traci Stumpf. She is a rare combination of intelligent and silly. She is laid-back, but not in a lazy stoner way... more like an easily adaptable and productive way.

And not to get too mushy, but in the short time it took to do this project, I learned that while Traci can be sarcastic as hell, she also has the capacity to be genuinely sincere. Talk about a great mix...



Get 'er done

Perhaps I dropped and shattered a glass frame, a picture fell on Traci's head, and Keith got a back injury lifting something, but in the end, we got it done.

We had a terrible time of it... no fun at all


These guys are killing it. Here is a roundup of my selects from their Decor section.

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