DIY Color Block Wall

My kitchen always felt so generic and boring, and since the kitchen is the hub of the house, I needed to do something to upgrade it that wasn't going to involve a remodel.

I wish I could say my inspiration for this wall had come from the painted wall in the 1982 sitcom "Too Close For Comfort", but it actually just came from my obsession with color combinations and browsing Pinterest.

I sketched out the design I wanted on graph paper (not to scale), and then I sketched it onto the wall in pencil. I suck at most things math related, so I double checked my measured lines with a level. I then used a yard stick to sketch it out on the wall, and for the circular part, I tied a pencil to a string, protractor style.

This project wasn't hard, but it was time consuming. I really took my time doing the taping, and gave the paint ample time to dry between coats. I spent the extra money to use Frog Tape, and I'll never go back to regular blue tape. I painted one color at a time, and went in with an artist's brush to touch up any weirdness on the boarders.

Just be warned... it's addicting. You paint one wall, then find yourself walking around the house searching for your next victim.


Graph Paper


Artist's Eraser

String & Pencil

Yard Stick

Frog Tape

Small Paint Rollers

Drop Cloth

Paint Brush

Artist Brush


Another warning: The obnoxious pride you feel after doing this may result in jazz hands.

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