Inspired by Miami in Los Angeles

What do you do when you have mirrored closet doors that you hate? You lean in, and design the whole room around those mirrors. You go full Miami on their ass. You embrace them like they are the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

It’s not shocking that beyond mirrors, this design involved bold color blocking and a mix of vintage and new pieces.

To really put my stamp on the room, I ask myself a lot of questions that begin with “What if we...” and “Would it be too crazy if I...”

I aim for the unexpected, and try to bend rules to bring some flavor to the space.

Here’s where I landed:

I went with a three-color palette to accentuate the architectural wall angles and multi-level ceiling.

I was inspired by (AKA copied) Jonathan Adler’s amazing design of seagrass wallpaper on the ceiling at The Parker hotel in Palm Springs. I wallpapered only one lower portion of the ceiling above the bed, and the natural material brings a nice warmth to the space. Ironic that part of the ceiling is what really grounds the room.

I traded out all the switch plate covers to shiny brass.

I layered non-matching blue rugs on top of one another.

I painted the doors in stripes.

I covered the lampshades in Genevieve Gorder Flock fabric. (Tip: When choosing a fabric to cover shades in, choose one with a less precise pattern to align, as there is always a slight taper in the shade. Lining the pattern up straight can be tricky)

I added red accents to the pink desk lamp with acrylic paint from my daughter’s art bin.

While some of the pieces were sourced from big box stores, others were hunted and gathered. The white dresser was a sidewalk freebie, the 80s ivory leather swivel chair was an Offer Up find, and the painted iris nightstands were from a Salvation Army somewhere deep in the valley. I swiped the MCM dresser from my parents’ house. The vases and other styling pieces came from my garage, which houses shelves of goodies from estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores.


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