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"Joy has an amazing gift to be able to evaluate the interior space and design a plan that compliments your own desires along with the look and feel of the space. She helped me with my entire house, and I could not be more satisfied with everything she did. I was so indecisive but knew a few colors and ideas I thought I wanted to work with. We used existing furniture and created a new look and mood entirely from her design.

She took the lead and developed an immediate plan. We did things remotely and in person, along with shopping together. She created both my indoor and outdoor living space that completely flows with the entire house. She is decisive, extremely responsive, creative, and of course so much fun to work with. She's also flexible and amendable to change. I've had so many compliments on the decor, in fact my contractor said "she nailed it". Allow yourself to get a bit out of your comfort zone and trust her. She puts colors, patterns, and textures together I never would've thought of and now I love them. Coming home to this always makes me smile!"

-Angela Townsend

"Absolutely amazing! Thank YOU Joy for making my living room look like a designer haven! Your ideas for color combinations transformed the room! I get so many compliments about my home looking "designer" and am so grateful to you. You made the room look and feel bigger, and brought everything together so elegantly. You channeled our personalities in your creating and even made where the dogs sit look stylish! So excited to have you start on the study!"

-Simone Bienne

"Joy helped me with an apartment refresh - choosing new accessories like throw pillows, bed covers, wallpaper, etc. And then we also worked on redoing the art... She helped me to curate my collection a bit, choose frames and hang it all. They were the smallest changes that made such a huge difference in my living space and it completely revived the room. Will be doing this annually!"

-Emily Brough

"On the small list of things that are very important to me next to my family (sometimes before my family) is my home - I think of it as a safe space and a place to re-group before I go out and face the world. I believe environment shapes who you are so when it came to decorating my home I was very particular as to who I let into my space and who I trusted to design it. I must've met with about 10 people and no one had the positive energy, sense of style and personal touch that Joy did! Not only was she amazing at her job and gave me the living room, bedroom and kitchen of my wildest Pinterest dreams she was smart, thoughtful, meticulous with her word and had the best most creative ideas I've ever seen. I love coming home more than ever! Highly recommend her!"

-Joy Kuhl

"She can work on a tight timeframe and never let me down. She turned my home around in two weeks on a very tight budget. She is personable/funny/empathetic, a truly wonderful person to be around. She is happy to go the extra mile and then some. Joy added va va voom to the feeling in my home!"

-Ravneet Vohra

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