What do you do when you have mirrored closet doors that you hate? You lean in, and design the whole room around those mirrors. You go full Miami on their ass. You embrace them like they are the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. 

It’s not shocking that beyond mirrors, this...

I love the one-of-a-kind quirk of vintage, but cringe at the thought of my home looking like a thrift store, so I decided to mix half vintage and half new for my living room makeover. 

I needed more seating options. I was sick of hearing my girls fight over "the good se...

Some days you find yourself on some super geeky insect websites obsessing over the patterns on moth wings -- wishing you had wallpaper, curtains, dresses, pants and blouses made of every single one... or maybe that's just me.

As my friend Quincy says, "I'm not for everyone." Oftentimes, people don't let me have my way when I'm decorating their homes. It's not about me. But these mood boards are. These are my visual pieces that have accompanied  the phrase "here's what I would do". Hope you...

Who knew crazy eyes, claws, and teeth could be so beautiful? 

In Tibetan mythology, tigers embody power and a balanced mind. The rugs show the animal either alive or as a tiger skin. In one version, he is often depicted strolling in a bamboo forest. As a skin, he is sho...

Art Deco style can skew too fancy and ornate for me in a lot of ways, and I'm so practical in my decorating, that a room divider feels like a piece we all wanted as little girls, but no longer makes any sense -- But then I came across these screens, and fell real hard...

Kuba Textiles

The non-perfect geometric shapes and patterns, along with the super 70s color palette has me obsessed. These raffia cloth textiles are created by the women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and are made using palm leaf fiber and embroidery. This art...

I'm a sucker for a surprise. My client wanted to gift her husband Josh with an office makeover. The plan was to swoop in and decorate while he was out. After a series of sneaky emails, meet ups, and measurements, we got in there and turned this mother out!  


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We should all live life in good company, wearing killer outfits, in well-designed spaces


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September 2, 2018

August 18, 2018

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