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Project: Eclectic Living Room and Main Bedroom Design.

I mixed half vintage and half new for this living room .

I needed to provide more seating options, and wanted to avoid a sectional, as it felt too TV-centric. My goal was to combine a room suitable for family TV time as well as entertaining.

I was drawn to a 70s vibe with a rich color palette. I loved the idea of swivels because while I didn't want the television to be the focal point of the room, the family needed to be able to comfortably watch something together. I wanted two sofas, but I didn't want the traditional symmetrical setup.

I switched out the kitchen chalkboard for a white cork wall.

I switched out the wall of bookshelves for paintable textured wallpaper.

As for creating flow in the rest of house to match the style of the new living room, I painted a color blocked wall in the kitchen. I held on to the thrifted art gallery wall, disco ball, and custom macrame. PHOTOS BY BETHANY NUART

For the bedroom, I went with a three-color palette to accentuate the architectural wall angles and multi-level ceiling, with accent painting on the doors.

I added seagrass wallpaper on the ceiling to bring a warmth to the room, layered rugs

I traded out all the switch plate covers to shiny brass.

I layered non-matching blue rugs on top of one another.

I covered the lampshades in Genevieve Gorder Flock fabric.

I added red accents to the pink desk lamp with acrylic paint.

While some of the pieces were sourced from big box stores, others were thrifted.


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