Half & Half Living Room Makeover: Half Vintage, Half New

I love the one-of-a-kind quirk of vintage, but cringe at the thought of my home looking like a thrift store, so I decided to mix half vintage and half new for my living room makeover.

I needed more seating options. I was sick of hearing my girls fight over "the good seat" on the sofa. I was anti-sectional, because it felt too TV worship-y. If you have both a living room and a family room, it feels right to make the family room a comfortable TV-centric space, and the living room more oriented toward conversation. To combine the two -- a room suitable for family TV time as well as grown-up entertaining -- was the goal.

At the moment, I am particularly drawn to this 1970s art deco vibe with an almost clashing rich color palette. I loved the idea of swivels because I didn't want the television to be the focal point of the room, but needed us all to be able to comfortably watch something together. I wanted two sofas, but I didn't want the traditional symmetrical setup.

The people I met through my multiple OfferUp purchases and sales made me love my Los Angeles community even more. If you haven't downloaded the app and browsed around on it yet, I suggest giving it a whirl. It's where I found my coffee table and console table.

I switched out the kitchen chalkboard for a white cork wall.

I switched out the wall of bookshelves for paintable textured wallpaper.

As for creating flow in the rest of house to match the vibe of the new living room, I did a DIY colorblock wall in the kitchen. I held on to my thrift store gallery wall, disco ball, and custom macrame, and I took away all things bohemian, replacing with color blocking and geometric shapes.

Happy Camper

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