Josh's Office Makeover

I'm a sucker for a surprise. My client wanted to gift her husband Josh with an office makeover. The plan was to swoop in and decorate while he was out. After a series of sneaky emails, meet ups, and measurements, we got in there and turned this mother out!

This man holds a big important title at a big important studio, but his office didn't reflect that. I mean... the huge window and amazing view were a dead giveaway, but you know what I mean. The generic-issue corporate grey carpet and brown sofas weren't doing anyone any favors. There were unhung posters, and a million framed family photos (-- and the pictures weren't all exactly framers, if I'm being honest). The workspace was generic, and Josh is anything but... He is a family man, a history buff, and a pop culture prodigy. He is charming, but not in an icky Hollywood way. He is smart without the smug.

When you meet a person this charismatic, you want HIM to be a part of that room. His family photos, posters of his work and favorite book, props from past films, and history books all worked to do just that.


The rules were to keep the desk in its current location, and have seating for six.

First thing to address was lighting. Overhead lighting blows. And it isn't necessary, especially when you are working with a wall of window. I added one floor lamp and one table lamp.

Next thing was to narrow down the family pictures. I kept and reframed the standouts.

I held on to the sofas, added an area rug, and traded out the coffee table for one with texture and wood. If wood and lighting bring the warmth, then the art, photos, and books bring the personality. Plants added some life to the space, and throws and pillows introduced some color into the boring sofas.


And in case you were wondering, yes... he was surprised.

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