These are the results of me lurking around in peoples' houses taking pictures. I do that. I'm pretty sure it makes them nervous, but I tell myself that maybe they are just feeling really super flattered. While they worry that there might be a bit of dust, I worry that...

Really the only thing more adorable than this Spanish-style house is the couple who lives there. Heidi and Zeb are like the poster children for why Atwater Village is the coolest neighborhood in LA. 

Cindy Zell wall hangings, leather coasters, and hints of Kansas City p...

You can take the surfer girl out of Venice, but you can't take the Venice out of the surfer girl. Megan's transition from Venice to The Valley shows us that home ownership and growing up is cool. And when you see the exposed brick and ceiling beams in her ranch-style h...

Any dude who can display peacocks, cupcake art, jewelry and shoes -- and still pull off the masculine interiors vibe is my hero. Here's to Kelly -- my co-worker who offered me a whiskey when I arrived to photograph his place this morning. Every...

Welcome to my house. Drinks are in the kitchen. This place is filled with stories -- dishes and chandeliers I nabbed from my parents' house, items I picked up in my travels, and artwork I fought for at estate sales... Stories make a house a home. Welcome to mine. I hop...

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We should all live life in good company, wearing killer outfits, in well-designed spaces


I'm Joy. Nice to meet you.

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September 2, 2018

August 18, 2018

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